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    Dashboard design and usability study for geospatially enabled information seeking to assist pandemic response and resilience [1]
    Deterritorialization/reterritorialization of Raramuri knowledge: within the landscapes of Mulaka [1]
    Developing simulation to meet practice competencies at a coordinated program in dietetics [1]
    Development of an interactive online tool for genome sequence-based influenza vaccine strain selection [1]
    Development of multiscale porous elastomer substrates with passive-cooling capabilities and strain-insensitive conductive nanocomposites for skin-interfaced electronics [1]
    Differential reinforcement of low rates : a systematic review [1]
    Direct laser scribed MoO2-based materials and their applications in bioelectronics and soft robotics [1]
    A discussion of covid-19 vaccine in relation with traditional chinese medicine belief on weibo [1]
    Distinguishing between automatic positive and negative higher-order restrictive and repetitive behavior [1]
    Does incidental mean indiscriminate? a study of incidental news consumption's effect on processing of claims in health news [1]
    Dragon of Skyros : a study on the cultures of the ninth century through creative fiction [1]
    E-scooter simulator development and applications [1]
    Eat MO beef : effects of regional labeling on Missouri consumers' beef preferences [1]
    The effect of gene therapy on the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) [1]
    Effect on water absorpion and outdoor weathering on emerging polymer interlayers [1]
    Effects of bovine pregnancy-associated glycoproteins on gene transcription in bovine endometrial explants [1]
    Effects of essential oils on the performance, health, and feeding behavior of growing cattle [1]
    Effects of instructional format and mastery criteria on the acquisition of teaching targets to children with autism spectrum disorder [1]
    Effects of matrix training within activity schedules on thematic play skill for children with autism spectrum disorder [1]
    Effects of partially decoupled payments on production decisions and their relation to farmers' demographics [1]