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    Factors affecting neonatal beef calf metabolism and vigor [1]
    The factors behind the fake news label : why some people distrust news media [1]
    Fantasy theme divergence during covid-19 a fantasy theme analysis [1]
    Fashion brand CSR : fashion consumers' environmental belief, expectations on CSR communication, and purchase intention [1]
    Fast VMZ : code enhancements for video mosaicing and summarization [1]
    Fine mapping and candidate gene identification of a soybean seed protein and oil QTL from a wild soybean accession and linkage analysis for whole plant biomass, carbon, nitrogen, and seed composition using a RIL mapping population [1]
    Foundation design: presumptive vs. measured strength of the burlington limestone [1]
    From biomass to wearable devices: laser-induced graphene derived from lignin for ultrasensitive sensing [1]
    Gender role stereotypes and frames used by advertisers between portrayals of women, men, and non-binary individuals in Facebook advertising [1]
    Hotel job characteristics in china and the United States, an application of the job characteristics model to turnover intention [1]
    How depictions of race and a magazine's mission have changed over time: a summative content analysis of cosmopolitan magazine covers [1]
    How distributed energy resources and dynamic pricing interact to modify residential electricity loads [1]
    How journalism educators discuss journalism law in their community of practice : insights from a qualitative textual analysis [1]
    I, Mothership : exploring the maternal gaze, intersubjectivity, and maternal ambivalence through vernacular technology, provisional craft and painting [1]
    Identification of trends in racial/ethnic disparities of patients with diabtes mellitus using web-based tableau dashboard- a cross sectional study [1]
    Identifying and understanding the philosophical and historical context of Vladimir Putin's rhetoric through his New Year addresses [1]
    The impact of exercise on postural control in patients with Parkinson's disease measured by computerized dynamic posturography [1]
    Impact of foliar molybdenum application in acutely deficient vineyard on wine quality [1]
    The impact of gender and traditional norm adherence on event-level alcohol outcomes [1]
    Implications of ovarian and uterine maturity evaluated in replacement heifer candidates [1]