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    I, Mothership : exploring the maternal gaze, intersubjectivity, and maternal ambivalence through vernacular technology, provisional craft and painting [1]
    Identification of trends in racial/ethnic disparities of patients with diabtes mellitus using web-based tableau dashboard- a cross sectional study [1]
    Identifying and understanding the philosophical and historical context of Vladimir Putin's rhetoric through his New Year addresses [1]
    The impact of exercise on postural control in patients with Parkinson's disease measured by computerized dynamic posturography [1]
    Impact of foliar molybdenum application in acutely deficient vineyard on wine quality [1]
    The impact of gender and traditional norm adherence on event-level alcohol outcomes [1]
    Implications of ovarian and uterine maturity evaluated in replacement heifer candidates [1]
    Influence of ground tire rubber on stone mastic asphalt mixtures and preliminary sustainability studies on rubber-modified asphalt pavements [1]
    The influence of menstrual cycle and oral contraceptive pill phases on the vascular response to hypoxia and sympathetic activation in healthy young women [1]
    The influence of self-perceptions of aging on cognitive functioning in older adult dyads [1]
    Insights for rural health care provider retention : a quantitative survey analysis [1]
    The instituionalization of the public school system in Missouri: 1865-1882 [1]
    Interspecific interactions between olive trees and grapevines in vineyard agroforestry systems in an arid climate region [1]
    Interstice : flexure [1]
    Location prediction and trajectory optimization in multi-UAV application missions [1]
    Marginal and conditional posterior predictive p-values in Bayesian SEM [1]
    Measuring efficiency of federally qualified health centers : a multi model approach using data envelopment analysis (DEA) & latent class analysis (LCA) [1]
    Middle school students' perceptions of outdoor classrooms for science learning [1]
    Migrations of love and circumstance: a history of intimacy and policy in the migration of Italian war brides, 1943-1954 [1]
    Modeling of the acoustic signal of an electric guitar amplifier using recurrent neural networks [1]