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    Agriculture technology adoption in Malaysia : the Extension service's role, rural financing, and the lender's institutional context [1]
    Analysis of forest and land fire with hotspot modis on various types of land cover in central Kalimantan province [1]
    Assessing Halal supply chain performance of skincare product through SCOR model at aesthetic clinic in Surabaya [1]
    Climate change and Extension services' effects on farm level income in Malaysia : a time series analysis [1]
    Commercialization and farmer literacy's role on agricultural Extension services in Malaysia [1]
    Determinants of persistence poverty : case of agricultural households in Thailand [1]
    Factors affecting intention to purchase organic agriculture products among Vietnamese [1]
    Interaction between agricultural extension services and environmental management accounting : the role of farmer value orientations [1]
    Mediating role of entrepreneurial marketing between green marketing and green management in predicting sustainable performance in Malaysia's organic agriculture sector [1]
    Role of agricultural Extension services and a new ecological paradigm in determinants of perceived crop yield and pro-environmental social norms [1]
    Social capital, agriculture Extension services and access of resources toward innovation adoption in household farming in Malaysia [1]
    Time series analysis of the effects of agriculture credit and Extension services on crop productivity in Malaysia [1]
    Time series analysis to enhancing net revenue of farming in Malaysia through agriculture Extension and risk aversion [1]