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    Calcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite nanofiber fabrication [abstract]
    Characteristics influencing the financial behaviors of student credit card users at the University of Missouri - Columbia [abstract]
    Characterization of putative mutants for iron homeostasis [abstract]
    Characterization of the FoxP[X43] deficiency in Drosophila [abstract]
    CLOUDY modeling of weird far-IR emission in the central zone of the Helix Nebula [abstract]
    A comparison of WDSS storm algorthims [abstract]
    Concerns of international students and support systems at MU [abstract]
    Correlating NLDN flash data to heavy snow [abstract]
    A cost-benefit analysis of the SUV tax loophole [abstract]
    Cross-species RNAi: Selected Ascaris summ dsRNAs can sterilize Caenorhabditis elegans [abstract]
    Defining the value of prepartum propylene glycol administration in transition dairy cows [abstract]
    Design of a miniaturized nano-fluid pulsating heat pipe [abstract]
    Designing blast-resistant walls [abstract]
    Diffuse optical tomography: A new way to detect early stage breast cancer [abstract]
    Drink, party, and travel while I'm young: Undergraduates' attitudes on risks to take before adulthood [abstract]
    Effect of a gravel base on temperature profiles in the lowest 2 meters of the atmosphere [abstract]
    Effect of delayed auditory feedback levels on vowel duration [abstract]
    Effect of microglia cell activation on neuronal cells in coculture [abstract]
    Effect of reduced chromatin gene expression on the epigenetically regulated maize gene, Pl-Blotched [abstract]
    The effect of uranyl on a sulfur-bound amino acid [abstract]