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    Effect of a gravel base on temperature profiles in the lowest 2 meters of the atmosphere [abstract]
    Effect of delayed auditory feedback levels on vowel duration [abstract]
    Effect of microglia cell activation on neuronal cells in coculture [abstract]
    Effect of reduced chromatin gene expression on the epigenetically regulated maize gene, Pl-Blotched [abstract]
    The effect of uranyl on a sulfur-bound amino acid [abstract]
    Effects of desiccation on juvenile Rana clamitans foraging behavior [abstract]
    Effects of forest management practices on treefrog oviposition site choice [abstract]
    Effects of prenatal exposure to environmental estrogen and the development of endometriosis in adulthood [abstract]
    Effects of RNAi on SAUR gene expression [abstract]
    Efficiency and accuracy validation for incremental changes of a large-scale protein structure database [abstract]
    Efficient agrobacterium-mediated transformation of maize (Zea mays) inbred [abstract]
    Enzyme location does not affect global glycolytic rate in resting smooth muscle cells [abstract]
    Estrogenic effects of polyphenols on ovariectomized rats [abstract]
    Evaluation of a steel sheet system for blast retrofit under static pressure [abstract]
    Evolutionary conservation of conduction velocity through NF-M microsatellite expansion [abstract]
    Exploring both sides of the immigration issue, through visual communication [abstract]
    Exploring retail atmospherics: Can background music influence employee creativity in solving problems? [abstract]
    Fatigue evaluation of mast-arm system under simulated wind loads [abstract]
    Feasibility of an optical biosensor for detection of calpastatin [abstract]
    Female athletes: Bronze Age - Classical Period [abstract]