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    Fatigue evaluation of mast-arm system under simulated wind loads [abstract]
    Feasibility of an optical biosensor for detection of calpastatin [abstract]
    Female athletes: Bronze Age - Classical Period [abstract]
    A ferroelectric atmospheric plasma source [abstract]
    Fingerprint recognition [abstract]
    Friend or foe? Fitness effects of cheaters on the alpine wildflower Polemonium viscosum [abstract]
    Functional analysis of conserved amino acid residues in the C-terminus of ACC Synthase [abstract]
    Functional analysis of MAP kinases in Arabidopsis thaliana: Fully rescuing the mpk3/mpk6 mutant phenotype [abstract]
    Functional characterization of the candidate nematode parasitism gene 2DO1 [abstract]
    GFP labeling in Nicotiana section Alatae [abstract]
    Hitting the greens: Backcrossing the csn-5 mutant, par for the course, a CSN-5 protein null [abstract]
    How children learn to converse: Do differences in language ability and maternal education affect development? [abstract]
    Imaging reticulospinal neurons in the lamprey brainstem using calcium indicator [abstract]
    Improving the burn-rate of thermite reactions using mesoporous copper-oxide and aluminum nano-particles [abstract]
    Improving the synthesis and effectiveness of future melanoma drugs [abstract]
    Infection rates of American dog ticks (Dermacentor variabilis) by disease-causing bacteria in central Missouri [abstract]
    Investigating the impact of early intervention on an internationally adopted child [abstract]
    Investigation of innovative techniques for measuring roundabout parameters [abstract]
    Jane and Mary, a board game [abstract]
    Lectin labeling and morphological analysis of Hamster M cells [abstract]