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    Jane and Mary, a board game [abstract] [1]
    Lectin labeling and morphological analysis of Hamster M cells [abstract] [1]
    Lectin-like receptor kinases in Arabidopsis Thaliana [abstract] [1]
    Low pressure hydrogenolysis of glycerin to propylene gycol [abstract] [1]
    Making the Cvt pathway/ autophagy in vitro [abstract] [1]
    Material testing for precast prestressed road panels [abstract] [1]
    Measurement of slope deformations using photographic images [abstract] [1]
    Measuring the variance in digestion rate of forages fed to ruminants [abstract] [1]
    Mediators of perceptions of responsibility for crimes of passion [abstract] [2]
    Mental stress acutely affects blood flow mechanics in the abdominal aorta [abstract] [1]
    Metered poppet valve [abstract] [1]
    Microcolony formation as a stage in adherence of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae to human lung cells [abstract] [1]
    Mizzou steel bridge design [absract] [1]
    Muscle loading effects on bone parameters in the oim mouse model [abstract] [1]
    Nanoscale sensor design via in situ labeling of gold nanoparticles onto protein scaffolds [abstract] [1]
    Non-destructive evaluation for structures [abstract] [1]
    On accumulation errors in WSR-88D precipitation algorithm during a highly evaporative low-level environment [abstract] [1]
    Optimization design for blast resistant walls [abstract] [1]
    Optimization of protocols to propagate and passage undifferentiated and differentiated mouse embryonic stem cells [abstract] [1]
    Overwintering ecology of the Black-and-White Warbler in a Puerto Rican dry forest [abstract] [1]