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    Quantifying medicinal compounds in various elderberry tissues in response to genotype and environment [abstract] [1]
    The rectilinear representation of a year: 2006 [abstract] [1]
    Relation of childhood depressive and anxiety symptons to observed verbal behavior [abstract] [1]
    Resonance energy in methyl acetate and its valence-isoelectronic analogs containing sulfur and selenium [abstract] [1]
    The role of pregnancy intention and social support on pregnancy outcome factor [abstract] [1]
    Role of the white gene in heat-box spatial learning paradigm in Drosophila [abstract] [1]
    Sigma1 and Sigma2 binding studies of novel receptor ligands [abstract] [1]
    Simulation of increased youth turnout on the presidential election of 2004 [abstract] [1]
    Size-controlled synthesis and characterization of protein protected palladium nanoparticle [abstract] [1]
    Social cognitive career theory: Applicability in assessing the academic performance of Mexican American college students [abstract] [1]
    Soy protein meat analog high moisture extrusion [abstract] [1]
    Stem cell incorporation and differentiation in organotypic rat and mouse brain slice cultures [abstract] [1]
    Structural studies of HPV oncoprotein E7 and interactions with transcription factor, E2F1 [abstract] [1]
    Sugar transport through maltoporin of Escherichia Coli: A combined molecular dynamics and stochastic modeling approach [abstract] [1]
    A survey of criteria utilized by respiratory therapists to document pulmonary secretion quantity [abstract] [1]
    Teaching the French horn: Improved methods and resources [abstract] [1]
    Theoretical prediction of chain morphologies in polyfluorenes from Raman spectra calculations [abstract] [1]
    Therapy of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis under circumstances relevant to human Multiple Sclerosis. Part III [abstract] [1]
    Thermal conductivity of unsaturated sand [abstract] [1]
    Ultra-fast, ultra-intense lasers for use in surgery [abstract] [1]