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    177Lu labeled radiopharmaceuticals as potential palliative bone agents [abstract]
    The advancement of women in decision-making roles in Nigeria, Tunisia and South Africa [abstract]
    Alzheimer's disease and cell death: A better understanding [abstract]
    Analysis of amino acids essential for an interaction between glucocorticoid receptor and a heterdimerization partner [abstract]
    Analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants defective in the oligopeptide transporter OPT3 [abstract]
    Analysis of horsepower and consumption in a diesel engine using different blends of ethanol, diesel, and biodiesel [abstract]
    Analysis of laser-irradiated silicon crystal using x-ray topography [abstract]
    An analysis of the impact of blocking on North American summers [abstract]
    Analytical model for space constrained optimization of proton exchange membrane fuel cells [abstract]
    Are episodic memory deficits in old age mediated by sensory loss? Investigating the Associative Deficit [abstract]
    Assertiveness and responsiveness in the language of three-year-old children who stutter [abstract]
    Autonomous vehicle platooning using the Global Positioning System [abstract]
    BioAnalyzer: A tool for RNA local secondary structure prediction and visualization [abstract]
    Bioprinting : From self-assembling multicellular spheroids to three-dimensional tissue structures [abstract]
    Blast retrofit of concrete walls using polymers [abstract]
    Blood glucose response to fructose levels of common Missouri grasses in ponies [abstract]
    Breaking away from patriarchal tradition: Re-envisioning the female nude in feminist contemporary painting [abstract]
    Building 3D SIFT point clouds for object recoginition [abstract]
    Calcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite nanofiber fabrication [abstract]
    Characteristics influencing the financial behaviors of student credit card users at the University of Missouri - Columbia [abstract]