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    A modeling framework for spatial transmission of Covid-19 in local communities [1]
    A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Imagine Learning on English Learner's English and Reading Proficiency [1]
    An Analysis of the Stellar Mass Properties of Distant Galaxy Clusters From the Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey (MaDCoWS) [1]
    Calming The Waves Double Wind Orchestra [1]
    CFD Modeling and Optimization Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage Based Solar Collectors [1]
    Chemical and biochemical applications of vibrational spectroscopy [1]
    Conflicts of Law in Antebellum America: Criticism of the United States Constitution and the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act in the Works of William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Lysander Spooner, Lydia Maria Child, and Herman Melville [1]
    Evaluation of Penetrating Sealers on Service Life of Concrete Infrastructure [1]
    Examining the Relationship between High School Mathematics Preparation and College Attendance [1]
    Far-UV to Mid-IR Spectral Energy Distributions of Nearby Merging Galaxies [1]
    ICE-MILK: Intelligent Crowd Engineering using Machine-based Internet of Things Learning and Knowledge Building [1]
    Instrument Development and Psychometric Testing of the Capstone-Experience Preceptor Preparedness Scale: The Cap-ExPresS Study [1]
    Modeling shared decision-making: from factor analysis to mimic models [1]
    Multiracial Microaggressions and Latinx/a/o/White Individual’s Psychological Distress: The Role of Resilience Factors [1]
    Resilience, Risk and Protective Factors among Nigerian Youth [1]
    Self-Efficacy of Undergraduate Nursing Students in Providing Culturally Competent End-of-Life Care to LGBTQ+ Patients [1]
    Stability in the Storm: The History of Kansas City Kansas Public Schools 1902–1986 [1]
    Teacher Certification in ESL: A Quantitative Study of Spanish-Speaking Student Achievement in Reading and Mathematics [1]
    The Accelerationist International [1]
    The Forgotten Lands: A Comparative Analysis of Economic Systems in Transition [1]