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    A Cross-Case Study: The Personal and Professional Challenges Experienced by Nurse Educators at Three Midwestern Colleges and Universities During the Covid-19 Pandemic [1]
    A Cubic Spline Projection Method for Computing Stationary Density Functions of Frobenius-Perron Operator [1]
    A Faint Light [1]
    A History of Kansas City's Woodland School: Century of Evolution for a Historic Landmark [1]
    A Mathematical Modelling Approach to Analyze the Dynamics of Math Anxiety [1]
    A Method for Identification of Pancreatic Cancer through Methylation Signatures in Cell-Free DNA [1]
    A modeling framework for spatial transmission of Covid-19 in local communities [1]
    A Quantitative Study of the Impact of Imagine Learning on English Learner's English and Reading Proficiency [1]
    Adaptive Data-driven Optimization using Transfer Learning for Resilient, Energy-efficient, Resource-aware, and Secure Network Slicing in 5G-Advanced and 6G Wireless Systems [1]
    Alcohol/HIV-Induced Neurodeficit and Circumvention by Neuroprotective Agent [1]
    Amphetamine-Induced Toxicity in Astrocytes and its Implications in the Pathogenesis of Psychiatric Disorders [1]
    An Analysis of the Stellar Mass Properties of Distant Galaxy Clusters From the Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey (MaDCoWS) [1]
    An Ethnographic Case Study Examining the Experiences of African American Students with Nonresident Fathers [1]
    Calming The Waves Double Wind Orchestra [1]
    Cell wall metabolite levels as a function of the growth phase in Staphylococcus aureus and library screening for synergistic combinations of FDA approved drugs against methicillin resistant S. aureus [1]
    CFD Modeling and Optimization Analysis of Thermal Energy Storage Based Solar Collectors [1]
    Chemical and biochemical applications of vibrational spectroscopy [1]
    Cognition, Fatigue, and Health-related Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis: Exploring the Role of Polypharmacy and Anticholinergic Medication Burden [1]
    Conflicts of Law in Antebellum America: Criticism of the United States Constitution and the 1850 Fugitive Slave Act in the Works of William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, Lysander Spooner, Lydia Maria Child, and Herman Melville [1]
    Convolutional Neural Networks for Early Diagnosing of Breast Cancer [1]