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    Design, synthesis, characterization and photovoltaic applications of conjugated polymer hybrids containing coordinatively binded semiconducting nanocrystals
    Detecting change-points in a Compound Poisson Process
    Determining the differential roles of the dock family of GEFs in drosophila development
    Developing an understanding of cultural aspects and beliefs of Latino/a families experiencing the American educational system
    Developing and Utilizing Multivariate Stochastic Wireless Channel Models
    Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Undergraduate Nursing Students using Strategic Management Simulations
    Development and characterization of advanced nitric oxide-delivering polymeric systems against cardiovascular complications
    Development and Evaluation Of HIV gp120 Responsive Microbicide Formulation for the Prevention of HIV Sexual Transmission
    Development and Evaluation of Nanocarriers against Atherosclerosis
    Development and evaluation of novel in situ depot-forming controlled release formulations
    Development and initial validation of the Ethnic Minority Social Self-Efficacy Scale—Asian American version
    Development and pilot test of a conscientization intervention for nurses who have experienced moral distress
    The development and psychometric testing of the shared decision-making instrument
    Development of Advanced Delivery Systems for Microbicides
    Development of Aerial-Ground Sensing Network: Architecture, Sensor Activation, and Spatial Path-Energy Optimization
    Development of drug conjugates in cancer therapy and evaluation of dual siRNA silencing effect on breast cancer growth and invasion
    Development of Pentablock Copolymer Based Formulations for the Sustained Delivery of Protein Therapeutics in the Treatment of Posterior Segment Ocular Diseases
    Development of polymeric nanoparticulate formulation encapsulating protein molecules following hydrophobic ion pairing complexation
    Development of Protein Based PCBP2 siRNA Nanocomplex for Liver Fibrosis Therapy
    Development of Random Triblock Copolymer Based Nanoparticulate Formulation for Sustained Release of Macromolecules/Biologics in Treatment of Posterior Segment Ocular Diseases