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    Conformational and Structural Determinations of Substituted Four and Five Membered Rings by Infrared, Raman, and Microwave Spectral Studies [1]
    Conformational and Structural Investigation of Substituted Hydrocarbons and Ring Compounds by Vibrational and Microwave Spectroscopy [1]
    Conformational Behavior and Structural Parameters of Some Cyclic and Chain Molecules [1]
    Conformational stability of some silanes and amines from temperature dependent Infrared spectra of rare as solutions, r₀ structural parameters, ab initio calculations, and vibrational assignments [1]
    The construction of the Lesbian and Gay Affirming Social Justice Competency Scale [1]
    Continuing Bonds, Meaning Making, and Collectivism: Predictors of Complicated Grief [1]
    Cooperating Music Teachers’ Opinions Regarding the Importance of Selected Traits as Predictors of Successful Student Teaching Experiences [1]
    Cooperative wireless relay networks and the impact of fade duration [1]
    A correlational study of building principal emotional intelligence and the connection to academic achievement [1]
    Cost Optimization and Load Balancing of Intra and Inter Data Center Networks to Facilitate Cloud Services [1]
    Counselor Trainee Personal Growth Factors and Self- Efficacy: ‘Walking the Walk’ Using Social Cognitive Theory and Bowen Theory [1]
    Cryptogram (2011) for wind ensemble [1]
    Cued affective modulation of startle reflex as a measure of emotion regulation [1]
    Culturally Relevant Pedagogy through African-centered Methods in a Midwestern Urban Elementary School [1]
    Current sensing atomic force microscopy study of aging mechanism of the nafion membranes due to thermal annealing [1]
    Cytochrome P450 enzymes and oxidative stress in tobacco/nicotine mediated HIV pathogenesis [1]
    Dance as a Community of Practice: Exploring Dance Groups in the Kansas City Area through the Lifespan [1]
    Data center resource management with temporal data center resource management with temporal dynamic workload [1]
    Data Driven Decision-Making in Midwest Charter Schools: Teachers’ Experiences in the Classroom [1]
    Database High Availability As A Service For Cloud Computing [1]