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    Dance as a Community of Practice: Exploring Dance Groups in the Kansas City Area through the Lifespan [1]
    Data center resource management with temporal data center resource management with temporal dynamic workload [1]
    Data Driven Decision-Making in Midwest Charter Schools: Teachers’ Experiences in the Classroom [1]
    Database High Availability As A Service For Cloud Computing [1]
    Daughter of Bird and Earth [1]
    DBHAaaS – Database High Availability As A Service For Cloud Computing [1]
    Deciphering of packing signal hypothesis in bacterophage RNA recognition by the MS2 capsid protein in virus assembly [1]
    Desegregation at Kansas City's Central High School: Illuminating the African American student experience through oral history [1]
    Design and Evaluation of HIV Microbicides Loaded mucoadhesive Nanoformulation [1]
    Design and optimization of nanoformulation loaded with HIV microbicides [1]
    Design and validation of wearable wireless sensors [1]
    Design Guidelines, Scan Behavior and Characteristic Mode Analysis for a Class of Ultra-Wideband Microstrip Patch Antennas [1]
    Design of Instrumentation and Methodologies for Determination of Free Neutron Characteristics [1]
    Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel intercalator analogs targeting therapeutically important polymerases and folded RNA [1]
    Design, synthesis, characterization and photovoltaic applications of conjugated polymer hybrids containing coordinatively binded semiconducting nanocrystals [1]
    Detecting change-points in a Compound Poisson Process [1]
    Determining the differential roles of the dock family of GEFs in drosophila development [1]
    Developing an understanding of cultural aspects and beliefs of Latino/a families experiencing the American educational system [1]
    Developing and Utilizing Multivariate Stochastic Wireless Channel Models [1]
    Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Undergraduate Nursing Students using Strategic Management Simulations [1]