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    Talking Texts with Teachers: A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Secondary English Language Arts Teachers and Their Text Selection Practices [1]
    Teacher perceptions of principal leadership behaviors and morale : A descriptive case study [1]
    Teacher Perceptions of Student Growth Measures in Performance Evaluation [1]
    Teacher Reported Preparedness: A Study of One Midwest Metropolitan School District [1]
    Teacher social justice advocacy for children: a scale development and preliminary validity [1]
    Telemedicine Quality Improvement Study [1]
    The case for humble and narcissistic leadership: creative self-efficacy and idea generation in entrepreneurial settings [1]
    The Investigating Meaning/Purpose and Connectedness (IMPACT) Study: A Comparative Case Study of Parents of Adult Children with Schizophrenia [1]
    The Nature of Night Eating Syndrome: Using Network Analysis to Understand Causal Symptomological Relationships [1]
    The Objectification and Blame of Revenge Porn Victims [1]
    The relationship between staff nurses' perceptions of nurse manager caring behaviors and patient experience: A correlational study [1]
    The Story of Our Journey [1]
    The Stress-Buffering Effects of Social Support and Self-Compassion on Subjective Well-Being on Asian Americans: Generational Differences [1]
    The Theological Edifice of Modern Experiential Protestantism: Schleiermacher, Kierkegaard, and Palmer’s Reconstruction of nineteenth Century Pietism [1]
    A Theory of Consumer Fraud in Market Economies [1]
    Theory of Mind in Multiple Sclerosis: Disease Subtype Differences and Association with Measures of Social Functioning [1]
    Three Essays on China's Political Economy, Environmental Policy, and Green Job Guarantee [1]
    Three Essays on Public Money Creation, Endogenous Bank Credit Creation, and Remaining Empirical Issues: Interest Rates and Inflation [1]
    Three Paths To Religious Integration In Ernest Hemingway’s War Fiction [1]
    Three Portraits of Pipa – for pipa and orchestra [1]