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    The Big Top, Concerto for Solo Percussion and Orchestra
    Cloud of unknowing and present-day Christian mystical practice
    Comparison of Standardized Test Scores from Traditional Classrooms and those using Problem-Based Learning
    Examination of Victim and Perpetrator Blame in Date Rape Scenarios and Exploration of Ambivalent Sexism Subtypes as Predictors of Male and Female Rape Myths among a Sample of College Students
    Fomulation and Delivery of Drugs for Macular Edema and Retinoblastoma; Synthesis and In Vitro Characterization of Doxorubicin Loaded Surface Modified Nanoparticles Using PLGA-PEG-PLGA Polymer
    Functional Sorting of Evolutionary Effects in Protein Domains
    The herpes simplex virus virion host shutoff protein is targeted to mRNA cleavage sites through interactions with components of the host translational apparatus
    High School Social Studies Teachers Beliefs and Education for Democratic Citizenship
    The impact of part-time faculty on student retention : a case study in higher education
    An Instrumental Approach to Full Employment: with Policy Implication
    The Interaction of Linear and Vertical Time in Minimalist and Postminimalist Piano Music
    Nutrient Transporter targeted Delivery of HIV Protease Inhibitors
    Reasons Why Low-Income Women in Northwest Missouri Do Not Access No-Cost Mammography Services
    The Role of Catholic Social Theory in Economic Policy
    Semantic Frameworks for Document and Ontology Clustering
    Volatility-Aware Query Processing in Peer-to-Peer Systems
    The Work of Contemplation Then and Now: The Cloud of Unknowing and Present-Day Christian Mystical Practice