UMKC School of Law provides academic and professional training to students seeking careers in law. Our faculty are outstanding scholars who have extensive practice experience. Faculty at UMKC are actively engaged with students both inside and outside the classroom. Our classes are relatively small (by law school standards) and many of our substantive courses incorporate simulations and service learning opportunities. Our faculty and students are collegial and the school provides many opportunities for interaction and development of close personal relationships that will last throughout one's career. We like to think of ourselves as the urban, public law school with the small, liberal arts feel.

As a Law School, we build on a strong tradition of advocacy, civic engagement and academic excellence - a program that has not only produced some of the region's best lawyers and judges, but one that has also trained a U.S. Supreme Court Justice (Charles Whittaker) and an American President (Harry Truman). We embrace and foster a collegial, collaborative model of professional education and maintain an intellectual and cultural environment that fosters broad thinking, local and global awareness and creative problem-solving.

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  • Wearable Technologies in Academic Libraries: Fact, Fiction and the Future 

    Ajmi, Ayyoub (Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), 2017)
    Chapter 7 of Canuel, R & Crischton, C (2017). Mobile Technology and Academic Libraries: Innovative Services for Research and Learning. Chicago, IL. ACRL. Nick Moline, a developer and early Google Glass Explorer, can still ...
  • Using Infographics to Report Research Results 

    Ajmi, Ayyoub (Information Today, Inc., 2016-07)
    This article feature the results of a nation-wide survey of over 100 academic law libraries in the US regarding their staffing and information technology management. The IT Staffing and Services Survey was originally created ...
  • HACKED! Lessons learned from an URL injection 

    Ajmi, Ayyoub (Information Today, 2015-06)
    The article discusses lessons learned by the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Law after experiencing a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) injection type of hacking and ways to avoid it. Topics include poisoning ...
  • Google Glass FOR THE Educator: A Postmortem Separating the Reality From the Hype and Some Thoughts for Google 

    Ajmi, Ayyoub; Robak, Michael J. (Information Today, 2015-04)
    The article offers information on the wearable technology Google Glass and its potential for the education market. Topics include the history of Project Glass when it was announced in April 2012 to its end in January 2015, ...
  • The DIY Digital Exhibition Experience at Tarrant County College 

    Ajmi, Ayyoub (Western New York Library Resources Council, 2014)
    The Northeast Campus Library of Tarrant County College District in Texas used a Title III Grant to support an innovative project consisting of repurposing old laptops as digital exhibition platforms available to students, ...
  • The Path Less Traveled. 

    Stancel, Nancy (2014-03-17)
    The author was invited to present to the Mid-America Association of Law Schools Education Committee a program about her experience translating paper-based tribal court documents into an online database. The scope included ...
  • Time to Blossom: An Inquiry into Bloom's Taxonomy as a Hierarchy and Means for Teaching Legal Research Skills 

    Callister, Paul D. (American Association of Law Libraries, 2010)
    Pedagogy requires both a theory and a consistent method of implementation. While the literature of law librarianship abounds in suggestions and descriptions about how legal research is being taught, it lacks sufficient ...
  • Law and Heidegger's Question Concerning Technology: A Prolegomenon to Future Law Librarianship 

    Callister, Paul D. (American Association of Law Libraries, 2007)
    Following World War II, the German philosopher Martin Heidegger offered one of the most potent criticisms of technology and modern life. His nightmare is a world whose essence has been reduced to the functional equivalent ...
  • Law's Box: Law, Jurisprudence and the Information Ecosphere 

    Callister, Paul D. (University of Missouri, 2005)
    For so long as it has been important to know what the law is, the practice of law has been an information profession. Nonetheless, just how the information ecosphere affects legal discourse and thinking has never been ...
  • Beyond Training: Law Librarianship's Quest for the Pedagogy of Legal Research Instruction 

    Callister, Paul D. (American Association of Law Libraries, 2003)
    The paper (I) outlines the nature and extent of the dissatisfaction with legal research instruction and demonstrates that the problem predates computer-assisted legal research, (II) presents the history of the debate ...