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    Accounting for Uncertainty in Ecological Analysis: The Strengths and Limitations of Hierarchical Statistical Modeling [1]
    A Bayesian Approach to Estimating the Long Memory Parameter [1]
    ComPhy: Prokaryotic Composite Distance Phylogenies Inferred from Whole-Genome Gene Sets [1]
    Efficient Statistical Mapping of Avian Count Data [1]
    Gene Expression-Based Glioma Classification Using Hierarchical Bayesian Vector Machines [1]
    Hierarchical Bayesian Approach to Boundary Value Problems with Stochastic Boundary Conditions [1]
    Hierarchical Bayesian Models for Predicting The Spread of Ecological Processes [1]
    A Hierarchical Bayesian Non-linear Spatio-temporal Model for the Spread of Invasive Species with Application to the Eurasian Collared-Dove [1]
    A Kernel-Based Spectral Model for Non-Gaussian Spatio-Temporal Processes [1]
    Multiresolution Models for Nonstationary Spatial Covariance Functions [1]
    On the de la Garza Phenomenon [1]
    Population Influences on Tornado Reports in the United States [1]
    Predicting the Spatial Distribution of Ground Flora on Large Domains Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model [1]
    Shifts in the Spatio-Temporal Growth Dynamics of Shortleaf Pine [1]
    Spatio-Temporal Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling: Tropical Ocean Surface Winds [1]
    Strong Consistency of MLE in Nonlinear Mixed-effects Models with Large Cluster Size [1]
    Support Points of Locally Optimal Designs for Nonlinear Models with Two Parameters [1]
    Universal Optimality in Balanced Uniform Crossover Design [1]