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    The causal factors that influence the organization performance of the agricultural machinery industry [1]
    Determinants for farmers' decisions to participate in developing agricultural tourism activities. An empirical study of Iraq's economy [1]
    Economic impact of climate change on agriculture: a case of Vietnam [1]
    The economic of farmers, system, management, and technology renewable energy based [1]
    The effect of adoption of technology, technology diffusion, human capital, formation of capital and labor force in the production of agriculture products in Iraq [1]
    The effect of oil prices, oil demand, oil licensing round, oil product capacity, oil sector development, and inflation on the economic development of Iraq's economy [1]
    Factors affecting farmers' decisions to participate in agricultural tourism activities: a case study in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam [1]
    The government policy on the organic rice farming groups embracing sustainable agricultural production: evidence in Thailand [1]
    Halal food and beverage trade: do restriction on religion, Halal certification, and OIC membership have any impact? [1]
    Impact of energy consumption and agriculture growth on the environmental degradation: evidence from ASEAN countries [1]
    Impact of trained human resources, adoption of technology and international standards on the improvement of accounting and auditing activities in the agricultural sector in Viet Nam [1]
    The influence of oil and energy consumption factors on fuel imports in former Soviet Union fuel economies [1]
    Organic food brand trust and brand loyalty: evidence from Thailand [1]
    Rice farmers' perception and determinants of climate change adaptation measures: a case study in Vietnam [1]
    The role of entrepreneurship and green innovation intention on sustainable development: moderating impact of inclusive leadership [1]
    The role of mineral content in bamboo shell meat (shell meal) and calm flour (meat meal) and formation process on the health of living-being in Indonesia [1]
    The role of rural infrastructure, labour and capital investment on the rice production in Malaysia [1]
    Role of technology adoption, labor force and capital formation on the rice production in Malaysia [1]