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    Beta cell dysfunction, oxidative stress and S6K1 activation in pancreas in the Zucker obese rat model [abstract]
    Binge drinking causes sleep disruptions: a likelihood of hangover [abstract]
    Brain phenotypes in a mouse model for Apert Syndrome [abstract]
    Can ultrasound locate foreign bodies under the skin? [abstract]
    Caring for diverse populations: further steps towards increasing cultural humility in the UMHS primary catchment area [abstract]
    Changes in muscle force production and pain: is there a relationship?
    Characterization of pericyte invasive responses and pericyte-induced vascular morphogenesis in 3D matrices: distinctions with vascular smooth muscle cells [abstract]
    Chronic ethanol exposure alters epigenetic mechanism in the basal forebrain [abstract]
    Coalition capacity assessment of Columbia coalitions for a healthier Columbia (a qualitative assessment) [abstract]
    Comparison of different strategies in parathyroid scintigraphy imaging [abstract]
    Comparison of different strategies in parathyroid scintigraphy imaging in the setting of multi-gland hyperparathyroidism [abstract]
    Coordinate regulation of GATA3 and CD4+ T-helper 2 (TH2) cytokine gene expression by the RNA-binding protein HuR [abstract]
    Coupling of spontaneous changes in muscle sympathetic nerve activity to blood pressure in humans: potential influence of age [abstract]
    Development and function of the mandibular symphysis in mammals [abstract]
    Development of biospecimen sample preparation techniques for molecular imaging using ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry [abstract]
    Development of high throughput tissue analysis laboratory [abstract]
    Development of human C-peptide LC-MS isotope-dilution assay: optimization of C-peptide isolation from biological fluids and with ion exchange chromatography
    Do ultrastructural changes in aged peritoneum contribute to ovarian cancer metastasis? [abstract]
    Don't be such a baby! or the effects of the environment and T cells on neonatal immunity [abstract]
    Effect of a primed goal of patient safety on patient risk detection [abstract]