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    Effect of a primed goal of patient safety on patient risk detection [abstract] [1]
    The effectiveness of bilateral versus unilateral task retraining using the SaeboFlex device in individuals with subacute and chronic stroke [abstract] [1]
    Effects of statins on metabolic adaptations to aerobic exercise training: preliminary findings [abstract] [1]
    The effects of tDCS on individuals with compromised cognition: a review of the literature [abstract] [1]
    The effects of the interaction of animals with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and their families [abstract] [1]
    Emergency sonography: the use of focused assessment with sonography for trauma in mid-American trauma centers [abstract] [1]
    Estimating radial curvature in fragmentary hominin fossils: a comparative study in apes and humans [abstract] [1]
    Evaluation [of] the effectiveness of a cognitive approach for teaching domestic chores to adolescents and adults with autism [abstract] [1]
    Evaluation of [99mTC(CO)3]-labeled ERBB-2-targeting peptides for breast carcinoma imaging [abstract] [1]
    Evaluation of [99MTc]glucarate as a breast cancer imaging agent: bench to bedside [abstract] [1]
    Ewing's sarcoma in a 52 year-old women with leg pain [1]
    The experience of initiating and being on dialysis among the elderly [abstract] [1]
    Experiences of low-income rural pregnant Missouri women as they navigate the health care system [abstract] [1]
    An exploratory study of spatial ability and student achievement in sonography [1]
    Exploring the intersection between safety culture and hospital nursing practice [abstract] [1]
    Fiscal impact of standardized surgeon preference cards for an acute care surgery program [1]
    Functional outcomes of patients undergoing anterolateral versus anteromedial approaches of the ankle for pilon fractures [1]
    Gender, aging & activity in rural South Africa [abstract] [1]
    Gene transfer technology: a tool for studying gene function and role in corneal pathogenesis [abstract] [1]
    Geographic distribution of Show Me Healthy Women providers and breast cancer incidence and mortality in Missouri counties [abstract] [1]