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    Accumulation: embroidery palimpsests [1]
    Active deformation of the South Granite Mountain Fault System: reactivated compressional faults vs. extentional overprinting [1]
    Adsorption interactions of UV-aged microplastic particles with sulfamethazine [1]
    Analyzing access: an analysis of food desert coverage during COVID-19 [1]
    The anxiety of authorship among women fantasy writers [1]
    Artificial neural network models utilize chamber-specific predictors of cardiac fibrosis in ovariectomized and aortic-banded yucatan mini-swine [1]
    Assessing the impact of the 1918/1919 influenza pandemic in Missouri counties heavily involved in lead-zinc mining [1]
    Assessing variance in inpatient hospitalization rates for three major chronic conditions [1]
    Augmenting biological pathway extraction with synthetic data and active learning [1]
    Balanced entertainment: motivations behind watching cable news [1]
    Bayesian model averaging for mathematics achievement growth rate trends [1]
    Benditos [1]
    Benefits of community gardens for Burmese refugees [1]
    Beyond the trauma hero: the discourse of American war fiction from the Global War on Terror [1]
    Black and Afro-Latinx women in public relations: a collaborative autoethnography on the construction of intersectional identities in the workplace [1]
    Business and editorial practices in digital native media in Mexico: an investigation into media routines [1]
    Characterization of black walnut (Juglans nigra) cultivars for agroforestry systems [1]
    Characterization of the genetic landscape of feline oral squamous cell carcinoma [1]
    Climate crisis: an exploration of climate fiction, magical realism, and intersectional trauma [1]
    Combining analytic perspectives in Toru Takemitsu's Rain Tree Sketch II [1]