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    Understand omnichannel customer value and the human-machine user experience when using mobile application [1]
    Understanding genome composition of eusocial hymenopteran insects [1]
    Understanding how the identity development of Division II student-athletes impacts student behavior [1]
    Understanding the insect immune responses to Yersinia pestis using Drosophila melanogaster [1]
    Understanding the role of Coxiella outer membrane protein-1 in relation to the Type IVB Secretion system of Coxiella burnetii [1]
    Unlearning the narrative: integrating relationship science and machine learning to identify the determinants of African American adults' romantic relationship satisfaction [1]
    Unprecedented wave control with active elastic metamaterials [1]
    Unveiling glial pathways involved in neuronal communication [1]
    US immigration policies: the lived experiences of international students with families [1]
    Using ecological momentary assessment to identify risk factors for simultaneous alcohol and cannabis use [1]
    Utilization and limitations of soil health metrics in Missouri corn production decisions [1]
    Utilizing commercial soil sensing technology for agronomic decisions [1]
    Value addition to acid whey from Greek yogurt processing with millets (kodo and proso) for development of nutritious food products [1]
    Variable selection and causal treatment effect estimation based on interval-censored failure time data [1]
    Variable selection for interval-censored and functional survival data [1]
    Ventricle-specific fibrotic cardiac remodeling in the progression of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction [1]
    Video summarization using mosaicing and activity maps for aerial and biomedical imagery [1]
    Vignettes on preservation, preparation, and paleoecology [1]
    Virtual learning in elementary school: a phenomenological study of student engagement [1]
    Virtual reality as a communication medium: investigating the impact of virtual embodiment on various stakeholders of an architecture project [1]