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    The canary's perspective: a scholarly personal narrative on pursuing graduate education as a Black woman [1]
    Candidate emergence and the first party era, 1789-1816 [1]
    Capturing the complexity: examining the effect of instructional intensity in the context of a response to intervention framework on learning outcomes for students with academic and behavioral needs [1]
    A case study examining the transformative impact of a civil discourse program at a Midwestern state university [1]
    A case study of teen leadership development within a 4-H camp counselor experience [1]
    Celsr1 suppresses WNT5A-mediated chemoattraction to prevent incorrect rostral migration of facial branchiomotor neurons [1]
    Characterization and applications of wide bandgap semiconductor materials [1]
    Collaborative practices with the framework of a professional learning community: elementary principals' perceptions of their role [1]
    Communicating reform: apologies and policy implementation for policing's history [1]
    Community clearcutting and the enigma of truth: a historical case study in urban renewal, structural violence and cultural trauma in Columbia, MO [1]
    Computational studies of gases adsorbed on graphene-like materials [1]
    The conditions [1]
    Considering the role of cardiac vagal tone in adolescents' behaviors within friendships [1]
    Continuing education for certified athletic trainers working in the traditional setting: perceived utility based on adult learning theory [1]
    Coulomb explosions dynamics [1]
    COVID-19 compliance across societies: testing health messaging models in the U.S. and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [1]
    Cryo-EM reveals how adeno-associated virus engages its receptor AAVR and an investigation of the GPR108 ectodomain [1]
    Data combining using mixtures of g-priors with application on county-level female breast cancer prevalence [1]
    Deep learning and DCT-based hand-crafted features for computer vision tasks [1]
    Deep learning methods for 360 monocular depth estimation and point cloud semantic segmentation [1]