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    Data combining using mixtures of g-priors with application on county-level female breast cancer prevalence [1]
    Deep learning and DCT-based hand-crafted features for computer vision tasks [1]
    Deep learning methods for 360 monocular depth estimation and point cloud semantic segmentation [1]
    Degradation and transport of veterinary antibiotics and estrogens in a vegetated buffer strip system [1]
    Democracy beyond hard news: cultural journalism and the humanistic role [1]
    Design and development of geospatial analytical research knowledgebase (GeoARK) [1]
    Design of low-power RF energy harvester for IoT sensors [1]
    Detecting targeted data poisoning attacks on deep neural networks [1]
    Development and initial validation of the International Students' Advising Relationships scale (iSTAR) [1]
    Development and preliminary validation of multidimensional life satisfaction of internal migrant workers' children in China [1]
    Development of a novel titanium thermal ionization cavity source for electromagnetic radioisotope separation of samarium and other lanthanide isotopes [1]
    Development of antimicrobial composite materials for food packaging applications [1]
    Development of concentration and detection methods for the detection of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing bacterial pathogens in foods [1]
    Development of food adulteration detection methods utilizing NMR spectroscopy [1]
    Diagnostic competencies of those administering and interpreting cognitive (IQ) assessments for special education placement within Missouri: perceptions of special education directors and process coordinators [1]
    Digital baggage: the digital identity of entry-level student affairs professionals [1]
    Digital wonders: examining awe-inspiring virtual reality as a tool to promote curiosity and exploration [1]
    Dissecting the genetic basis of carbohydrate partitioning in maize and sugarcane [1]
    Diversity and evolution of the sauropsid trigeminal sensory system [1]
    Do stock prices influence corporate tax behavior? [1]