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    Early detection of health changes in the elderly using in-home multi-sensor data streams [1]
    Ecology of mid-continent migratory shorebirds, performance of tracking devices, and modelling animal social structure and demography [1]
    Effects of long-term postgastric infusion of casein or glutamic acid on small intestinal starch digestion, energy balance, body composition, and metabolic fates of luminally assimilated glucose carbon in cattle [1]
    Effects of pyramidal training on school psychologist and teacher implementation of trial-based function analysis [1]
    The effects of trade liberalization on gender inequality in Central America and its relevance to the textile and apparel industry and academy [1]
    The effects of VR game-based learning on students' computer programming self-efficacy engagement, and the development of computational thinking [1]
    The effects of weather classification on regression-based downscaling of daily temperature extrema in the United States [1]
    The efficacy of third-party interventions: international organization-led interventions into ongoing and post-conflict situations [1]
    El negro en Colombia: posición social y relación con su ambiente socioeconómico en las novelas Chambacú corral de negro y Socavón [1]
    El proyecto de recontrucción moral espiritista de Luisa Capetillo: de la edificación del individuo a la comunidad global [1]
    Embedding components of the write on race intervention in a cultural diversity course for pre-service teachers, to increase cultural humility, and the likelihood for future implementation of instructional strategies designed to improve school climate, sense of belonging, and teacher-student relationships for diverse students. [1]
    Emerging and infectious diseases: defending against a dynamic opponent [1]
    Enhancing diabetes health outcomes among Haitian migrants living in the Dominican Republic [1]
    Enhancing Missouri agritourism: a comprehensive evaluation of visitors' intrinsic motivation, environmental behavior, and satisfaction [1]
    Enlarging the possibility space for scientific model-based explanation [1]
    Ensayo de memoria: el empobrecimiento y la recuperacion del ensayo en el contexto de la revolucion cubana. [1]
    Environmental and medical applications of molecularly imprinting polymer sensor for the detection of progesterone [1]
    Essays on estimating dynamic discrete choice models: methods and applications [1]
    Essays on money and banking: a search-theoretic approach [1]
    Essays on the bureaucratic representation in schools [1]