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    Gender, race, nostalgia, and fanship: factors affecting parental mediation of Disney animated films [1]
    Genetic mapping of soybean cyst nematode resistance and evaluation of resistant germplasm in soybean and pennycress [1]
    Genomics of small RNAs in the Brassicales [1]
    A GIS protocol for enhancing the selection of agricultural runoff sampling locations and predicting the locations of potential pollutant transport in the upland environment [1]
    Global bifurcation and stability of solitary waves in two-layer water [1]
    "Globalizacion: una aproximacion ecofeminista a la novela mexicana contemporanea escrita por mujeres" [1]
    Gold star motherhood: spectacle, emotion, and identity construction [1]
    The golden years: new technology, positive health, and the experience of aging [1]
    The graduate student novel: a new subgenre in university fiction [1]
    Greenhouse gas emissions and soil microbial activity for selected land use systems in floodplains [1]
    Grieving the transgender (assumed-cisgender) child: gendered mourning, the harms of cisnormativity, and the possibilities of creating livable trans futures [1]
    Healing while Black in the U.S.: adverse childhood experiences, ethnic identity, psychological sense of community, and complete mental health of emerging adults [1]
    Hedonic processing and associations with depression and emotion regulation: a joint ERP and behavioral study [1]
    'High places' in the Aegean: the case for non-Cretan peak sanctuaries [1]
    Hooking up while being 'down' (with the cause): a study of Black sexual life [1]
    Hormonal and genetic control of leaf and vein development in maize [1]
    Hospital acquired pressure injury in adult orthopedic spine surgery patients: risk factors and risk assessment tools [1]
    How teachers design curriculum units: a case study of algebra teachers' instructional decision-making processes and products [1]
    Human vs. machine as message source in advertising: examining the persuasiveness of brand influencer type and the mediating role of source credibility for advertising effectiveness in social media advertising [1]
    Hybrid truck-drone systems for last-mile delivery logistics [1]