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    I. Infection control: exploration of siliceous zeolite MFI films as coatings for implantable devices II. Alternative approaches for post-operative infection control using pre-and pro-biotics: a meta-analysis [1]
    Idealization of intimate partner violence in romantic relationships: examining the role of television's influence on endorsement of controlling behaviors [1]
    Identification of immune-related gene signatures to evaluate immunotherapeutic response in cancer patients using exploratory subgroup discovery [1]
    Imaging structural and mechanical properties in cardiovascular tissue using optical polarization tractography [1]
    Imagining Madam President: a critical typology of fictional female presidents and intersectional presidentiality in U.S. politainment [1]
    Impact of knowledge management capability on supply chain agility and disruption mitigation performance of U.S. fashion retailers [1]
    The impact of performance funding on retention and graduation metrics at four-year public universities in Missouri between 1993 and 2018 [1]
    Impact of woody biomass production and biopower generation on US forests [1]
    An implementation fidelity evaluation of the McKinney-Vento homeless assistance act in the state of Missouri [1]
    Improving cardiac care delivery using predictive and prescriptive analytics [1]
    In the hands of noble men: a history of Thessaly from the Archaic period to the end of the Third Sacred War [1]
    In-situ detection of atrazine and its metabolites contamination in natural waters [1]
    Increasing methionine content of soybean using CRISPR/Cas9 and developing machine learning predictive models [1]
    The influence of climate and population structure on East Asian skeletal morphological variation [1]
    Influence of nutrition and health behaviors on academic performance of students at a public Midwestern university [1]
    The influence of policy change on organizational structure [1]
    Informatically-informed biochemical characterization of aptamer-protein complexes [1]
    Information management and security protection for internet of vehicles [1]
    Integration of healthcare simulation activities into the paramedic education curriculum: an embedded case study analysis of the decision-making process [1]
    Interactive, multi-purpose traffic prediction platform using connected vehicles dataset [1]