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    Magnetic charge correlation and quantum disorder in honeycomb spin ice systems [1]
    Maintenance of relational bindings: working memory or long-term memory? [1]
    Mathematical modeling of intoxicated risky decision-making [1]
    Measurement of radionuclides in biological tissues from occupationally exposed individuals [1]
    Measuring and comparing the spatiotemporal evolution of accident hot spots [1]
    Mechanistic understanding and potential targets for mustard gas keratopathy [1]
    The memeification of "woke culture": a multimodal critical discourse analysis of its articulation in Essence; O, The Oprah Magazine; and Teen Vogue [1]
    Mesoporous and nanostructured metal oxides for adsorptive water treatment [1]
    A meta-analysis exploring the effect of age on weight loss following a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy [1]
    Metasurface based uncooled Sixgeyo1-x-y microbolometer for infrared detection [1]
    Metasurface integrated uncooled silicon germanium oxide microbolometers for long wavelength infrared detection [1]
    Method development for the analysis of nuclear forensic signatures with ICP-MS [1]
    Mineralocorticoid receptor involvement in vascular dysfunction associated with vascular injury [1]
    A mixed-methods look at college student well-being during COVID-19: the power of positive psychology [1]
    Mobile truck entrepreneurship: motivations and strategies of non-food mobile retail truck entrepreneurs in the United States [1]
    Modeling state duration and emission dependence in hidden Markov and hidden semi-Markov models [1]
    Modelling and analysis of energy metabolism in postmortem muscle [1]
    Molecular dissection of the roles of RNA processing proteins in meiotic silencing by unpaired DNA [1]
    Morphological evolution of the hosts of far-infrared/submillimeter galaxies [1]
    A multi-level explanation of the process of innovation [1]