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    Painted ceilings in scenic design: reflections of American women in scenic design [1]
    Pandemic sensemaking: how Missouri superintendents made sense of the COVID-19 pandemic [1]
    Parental psychological factors of mother-child and father-child reminiscing about negative and positive emotional past experiences [1]
    Parsimonious item response theory modeling with different link functions [1]
    Partial connections and contact instantons on contact manifolds [1]
    Partisan media effect in new context: considering influences of multi-party system, cultural and social factors, and national identity on affective polarization in South Korea [1]
    Pathobiological analysis of developmental dysplasia of the hip and its progression to osteoarthritis [1]
    Perceptions of an international branch campus' impact on the Sustainable Development Goals in the Ivory Coast [1]
    A phenomenological study of how high school teachers experience, exhibit, and develop empathy [1]
    Photoemission spectroscopy and first-principles studies of two-dimensional Dirac and Weyl materials [1]
    Physical and sensory analysis of soy-based ice cream formulated with high oleic low linolenic soybean oil [1]
    Physiology of glyphosate-resistant johnsongrass and implications for management [1]
    Plasma nanocoatings on cobalt chromium L605 alloy for cardiovascular stent applications [1]
    Pod travel in the pandemic era: social media analytics on travel sentiment and spatial distribution [1]
    The political economy of corruption in Africa: urbanization, trust, and motivations [1]
    Politics of coalition at Standing Rock [1]
    Predicting disrespectful tourist behavior: the role of stereotypes about residents, social contagion, and psychological entitlement [1]
    Predicting RNA secondary structures using physics-based modeling and evolutionary inferences [1]
    Preservice teachers' sociopolitical consciousness in light of the racial disparities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic [1]
    Principals and proxies: how foreign interventions promote intercommunal violence through sponsorship of nonstate militias [1]