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    A qualitative study exploring barriers Black college students experience in utilizing mental health services at a predominantly white institution (PWI) [1]
    A qualitative study of teachers as path-goal leaders with an emphasis on clearing the path of distraction [1]
    Quality of tier 1 instruction in an integrated multi-tiered system of support: a mixed methods study [1]
    Quantifying corn emergence using UAV imagery and machine learning [1]
    Quantifying structural disorder in bulk hydrogenated graphene using x-ray and neutron diffraction [1]
    A quantitative analysis of college student communication recruitment preferences at a Midwest public higher education institution [1]
    Quantitative analysis of impact of risk factors and learning modalities on urban high school student credit attainment and grade point average during the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020-2021 [1]
    A quantitative analysis of motivations of association executives to earn the certified association executive credential [1]
    A Quiver Invariant theoretic approach to radial isotropy and the Paulsen problem for matrix frames [1]
    "Rape is a part of life where I live" the normalization of girl-child sexual abuse in Jamaica [1]
    A rare event classification in the advanced manufacturing system: focused on imbalanced datasets [1]
    Reddit news fandoms as digital news literacies: structuring the evaluation of information sources in a challenging information ecosystem [1]
    Reflections of residents in a rural Midwestern community on the impacts of a successful university football program, their tendency to bask in reflected glory, and their social identity [1]
    The relationship between psychological distress and wealth: an analysis of household wealth changes from 2007-2019 in the United States by race, gender, and retirement status [1]
    The relationship between psychological well-being, student persistence, and retention at a rural public higher education institution [1]
    The relationship between teacher classroom management profiles and related teacher stress: a latent profile analysis [1]
    Reliable and structural deep neural networks [1]
    Renovations of a university library: the potential for place attachment among Gen Z students during a pandemic [1]
    "Resilience can look really messy:" an exploration of resilience among former foster youth [1]
    The respiratory microbiota of dogs and cats in health and disease: expanding our breadth of knowledge [1]