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    Safety analysis of freeway interchange speed change lane facilities [1]
    Self-assembly of functional metal-seamed pyrogallol[4]arene nanocapsules [1]
    Selling the experience: studying the impact of real-world experiential learning on sales knowledge [1]
    Separation and detection of chemical and biological contaminants in fresh produce by plasmofluidic device [1]
    The shrinking city school: following trajectories of shrinkage across three decades of an urban school desert [1]
    Sifting the Feminine Bones: essays [1]
    Simultaneous local resolution along a rational valuation in two dimensional positive characteristic function fields [1]
    Single and multi-object video tracking using local and deep architectures [1]
    Single cell-type metabolomics of Medicago truncatula border cells and their roles in host-microbe interactions [1]
    Social inequalities and mortality during the 1918 influenza pandemic on the island of Newfoundland [1]
    Social justice leadership development: the emergence of social justice leaders who experienced poverty during childhood [1]
    (Socio-)ecological tools and insights for a changing climate [1]
    Socio-cultural and school barriers that Latino Spanish-speaking and Mixteco-speaking families with a preschool child with autism experienced in the special education referral process in Santa Barbara County, California [1]
    Solid, aqueous, and gaseous: functional materials and advancements to reduce pollution in three forms [1]
    Soybean tolerance to off-target dicamba damage [1]
    Spatial politics and genre in the 21st century Arabic novel in English [1]
    Spatiotemporal patterns of earthquakes and their implications for earthquake hazards [1]
    Spectroscopic studies of transmembrane helical peptides and LC-MS/MS method development and validation for PFAS quantitation [1]
    SpEdTIPS: special education teams increasing parental satisfaction for IEP meetings [1]
    Spontaneous cluster formation in stoichiometric quantum critical systems [1]