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    Utilization and limitations of soil health metrics in Missouri corn production decisions [1]
    Utilizing commercial soil sensing technology for agronomic decisions [1]
    Value addition to acid whey from Greek yogurt processing with millets (kodo and proso) for development of nutritious food products [1]
    Variable selection and causal treatment effect estimation based on interval-censored failure time data [1]
    Variable selection for interval-censored and functional survival data [1]
    Ventricle-specific fibrotic cardiac remodeling in the progression of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction [1]
    Video summarization using mosaicing and activity maps for aerial and biomedical imagery [1]
    Vignettes on preservation, preparation, and paleoecology [1]
    Virtual learning in elementary school: a phenomenological study of student engagement [1]
    Virtual reality as a communication medium: investigating the impact of virtual embodiment on various stakeholders of an architecture project [1]
    What am I gonna do with my life?: Exploring the transitional experiences of former Division 1 Black, male, first-generation college basketball and football student-athletes into the world of work [1]
    What is the evidence base supporting best practice supervision guidelines? A systematic review and multilevel meta-analysis of the association between supervision and therapist performance [1]
    When they see us: racial criminalization, racial stigma, and identity in a Midwest college town [1]
    Where are all the good men? A case study of male elementary and early childhood education majors at the University of Central Missouri [1]
    White spaces in brown(ing) places: race, space, and community in the Nuevo South and Midwest [1]
    Whole-class read-alouds with diverse children's literature: primary teachers' perspectives and practices [1]
    Widely publicized events and the demand for director skills: evidence from data breaches [1]
    The wise avenue [1]
    Working memory in reinforcement learning [1]
    Yersinia pestis YopJ and its impact on innate immunity [1]