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    Access to high-quality and effective teachers through a para-to-teacher grow your own program [1]
    Advances in medical infrared thermography [1]
    An affective (dis)ordering of difference: a practice approach to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access in veterinary medicine [1]
    Albert Camus en la obra Carlos Martinez Rivas y Charles Bukowski [1]
    An analysis of discipline disparities of Black and White students in Springfield public schools [1]
    An analysis of financial aid offers and parent plus loan borrowing from 2015-2019 at Missouri, public four-year universities [1]
    And yet, they remain: a phenomenological study of career, female, primary-role advisors at four-year institutions in the Midwestern region of the United States [1]
    Assessing the feasibility and acceptability of a Health Action Process Approach physical activity and sedentary behavior self-guided workbook in rural adults with Type 2 diabetes [1]
    Assessment of user democratization in 2D to 3D garment assemblage [1]
    Barriers to adoption of precision agriculture competencies in secondary agriculture education programs: a case study [1]
    A Bayesian approach to data-driven discovery of nonlinear dynamic equations [1]
    Biotic interactions in the fossil record: an investigation on the patterns of predation and parasitism of Plio-Pleistocene bivalves from the Nashua Formation of Florida [1]
    BIPoC perspectives of behavioral sleep treatment: a mixed-methods examination of ways to better address sleep health disparities [1]
    Border pedagogy: how white teachers cross intellectual borders to enhance students' critical thinking skills in racially homogeneous, low poverty spaces [1]
    Boron-neutron-capture radiation treatment of polymers for application in laminated glass window interlayer material [1]
    Broadband rotational spectroscopy in Laval flows: applications in astrochemistry and dynamics [1]
    Building environmentally-aware classifiers on streaming data [1]
    The business imperative of newsroom diversity: how identities influence Indonesian women media leaders' perceptions and implementation of newsroom changes and innovation [1]
    The canary's perspective: a scholarly personal narrative on pursuing graduate education as a Black woman [1]
    Candidate emergence and the first party era, 1789-1816 [1]