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  • Hyperthermia Induces Functional and Molecular Modifications in Cardiac, Smooth and Skeletal Muscle Cells 

    Romero, Sandra; Hall, Todd; Touchberry, Chad; Elmore, Chris; Silswal, Neerupma; Parelkar, Nickil; Baker, Kendra; Loghry, Michael; Rizk, Hatem Ibrahim; Mo, Chenglin; Brotto, Leticia; Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Wacker, Michael J.; Andresen, Jon; Brotto, Marco (2010-03)
    Hyperthermia is used for the treatment of a number of diseases, including muscle injuries, inflammations, tendinitis, and osteoarticular disorder. More recently, hyperthermia has been used as an adjuvant in cancer treatment. ...
  • Clearing the hurdles for nanotechnology: In vivo inhalation effects 

    Herndon, B.; Nalvarte-Kostoryz, Elisabet L. (Elisabet Lourdes), 1958-; Molteni, A.; Quinn, T.; Fibuch, Eugene (2010-03)
    INTRODUCTION: Nanoparticles of many types have been created for industrial and medical applications. Among these nanoparticles, single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) are of high interest for their physicochemical properties ...