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    Education and Screening of the Female Athlete Triad in the Adolescent Population [1]
    Education Utilization in Blood Pressure Management and Medication Adherence in Hypertensive Adults [1]
    Educational Care Binder to Improve Appointment Attendance After Prenatal Exposure to Methadone [1]
    An Educational Video Intervention to Increase Advance Care Planning Knowledge and Advance Directive Completion for Community-Dwelling Veterans [1]
    Effect of an APRN Fellowship Program on Job Satisfaction and Retention [1]
    Effect of Interactive Education on Self-foot Exams in Type 2 Diabetes [1]
    The Effect of Motivational Interviewing on Stroke Risk in Adults [1]
    Effect of Patient Antibiotic Education on Provider Perceived Patient Expectation for Antibiotics [1]
    Effecting Palliative Care for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients by Increasing Provider Knowledge [1]
    The Effectiveness of Telephone Follow-Up for Diabetes Management [1]
    Effectiveness of U.S. Diabetes Conversation Map® Patient Education Program in Improving Glycemic Control [1]
    The Effects of a Clinical Decision Support Software Program Stability Requirement on Glycemic Outcomes [1]
    The Effects of Career Commitment, Distress, and Persistence on Academic Success among Undergraduate Baccalaureate Nursing Students [1]
    Effects of DASH Diet and Exercise on Hypertension [1]
    The Effects of Expedited Partner Therapy on Reoccurrence of Chlamydia Trachomatis [1]
    The Effects of Hypnosis on Acute Pain Among Adolescents Undergoing Surgical Pectus Excavatum Repair [1]
    An Electro-magnetic cell stimulator [abstract] [1]
    An Empowerment Program to Reduce Parental Distress and Neonatal Length of Stay [1]
    Enhance Transition Care for Medically Complex Adolescents [1]
    Evaluating the Outcomes of a Concept-Based Curriculum in an Associate Degree Nursing Program [1]