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    Male Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: Syndemic Theory, Minority Stress Theory, & the Community of Protective Measures [1]
    Maternal and Fetal Outcomes and Early Neuraxial Engagement in Obese Parturients [1]
    Maternal and fetal outeomes [1]
    Measurement of ASQ Usage in the County Jail Setting [1]
    Medication Adherence in Adolescent and Young Adult after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant [1]
    Mediterranean Diet in Self-Management of Type II Diabetes [1]
    Mindfulness as a treatment for military women's chronic pelvic pain: A randomized controlled trial (MoCHI) [1]
    A Mindfulness Program Approach to Decrease Adolescent Depression [1]
    Multimodal Intervention to Increase Advance Care Planning in Primary Care Medicare Patients [1]
    Novice Nurse Educators Receiving Mentoring [1]
    “Now there's a good woman”: how rural life course events shape the response to cognitive decline in older women [1]
    Nursing Student Perceptions of the Effects of Interprofessional Communication and Teamwork on Time to Rescue [1]
    Oncology Patient Education by a Nurse Practitioner and Stress Reduction [1]
    Online DASH Diet Education to Reduce Blood Pressure in Primary Care Patients [1]
    Organizational Culture and Failure to Fail in Academic Programs of Nursing [1]
    Patient Satisfaction Outcomes Following Antibiotic Resistance Education for Adults [1]
    Pediatric Oral Health Promotion in Primary Care Utilizing Standardized Education [1]
    Perceptions of neighborhood social environment and drug dependence among incarcerated women and men: a cross-sectional analysis [1]
    The persistence scale for online education: development of a psychometric tool [1]
    Phone Call Reminders for Pediatric Influenza Vaccination [1]