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    Biomedical Tissue Engineering - Where We Go in the Future [1]
    Community Factors in Differential Responses of Child Protective Services [1]
    Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Undergraduate Nursing Students using Strategic Management Simulations [1]
    The development and psychometric testing of the shared decision-making instrument [1]
    Does learning with high-fidelity human patient dimulation during nursing school impact career retention in the nursing profession during the first years of licensure? [1]
    An Electro-magnetic cell stimulator [abstract] [1]
    Experiences and Perceptions of Depression in Young Black Men after Incarceration [1]
    Exploring the impact of osteoporosis on myogenesis [1]
    Feasibility and acceptability of a mother-­daughter intervention to address disordered eating behavior among adolescent girls living with type 1 diabetes mellitus [1]
    Hyperthermia Induces Functional and Molecular Modifications in Cardiac, Smooth and Skeletal Muscle Cells [1]
    Impact of a novel relaxation method of touch on neonatal neurobehavioral development among very preterm infants [1]
    Impact of a psychoeducational intervention on dementia caregiving [1]
    Impact of Nurse Practitioner Practice Regulation on Access to Healthcare Services [1]
    Implementing an innovative consent form: the PREDICT experience [1]
    The index of tobacco treatment quality: development of a tool to assess evidence-based treatment in a national sample of drug treatment facilities [1]
    Influences on contraceptive use among college women [1]
    Lateral Violence Response Training for Nursing Students [1]
    Long-term outcomes and parental decision-making about treatment for deformational plagiocephaly [1]
    Male Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence: Syndemic Theory, Minority Stress Theory, & the Community of Protective Measures [1]
    “Now there's a good woman”: how rural life course events shape the response to cognitive decline in older women [1]