• Biomedical Tissue Engineering - Where We Go in the Future 

    Bonewald, Lynda F.; Brotto, Marco; Day, Delbert E.; Detamore, Michael S.; Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis); Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel) (2010-03)
    Researchers and entrepreneurs examine breakthroughs in tissue engineering and regeneration that enhance healing, remodeling, and recovery.
  • An Electro-magnetic cell stimulator [abstract] 

    Rizk, Hatem Ibrahim; Mo, Cheng L.; Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Hall, Todd; Wacker, Michael J.; Brotto, Marco (2010-03)
    A device to stimulate bone and muscle cell growth and possibly for treatment of bone and muscle injuries is presented. The device, called EStim, generates electric and magnetic pulses at programmable intervals. This device ...
  • Hyperthermia Induces Functional and Molecular Modifications in Cardiac, Smooth and Skeletal Muscle Cells 

    Romero, Sandra; Hall, Todd; Touchberry, Chad; Elmore, Chris; Silswal, Neerupma; Parelkar, Nickil; Baker, Kendra; Loghry, Michael; Rizk, Hatem Ibrahim; Mo, Chenglin; Brotto, Leticia; Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Wacker, Michael J.; Andresen, Jon; Brotto, Marco (2010-03)
    Hyperthermia is used for the treatment of a number of diseases, including muscle injuries, inflammations, tendinitis, and osteoarticular disorder. More recently, hyperthermia has been used as an adjuvant in cancer treatment. ...