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    The analysis of forest and land fire and carbon and greenhouse gas emissions on the climate change in Indonesia [1]
    Analysis of the contribution of agribusiness microfinance institutions and government policies on increasing farmers' income in Indonesia [1]
    Consumer preferences on the purchase of cayenne pepper in Bali Province Market [1]
    Empowerment of farmer community group in Indonesian village together with students university in fruit plantation development [1]
    Evaluating the financial performance of commercial banks in Iraq under the Corona pandemic using the CAMELS criterion [1]
    An examination of the impact of the oil prices and economic determinants on India's economic development [1]
    Halal food certification, financial performance, and sustainability reporting : comparative study of food and beverage firms in Malaysia and Indonesia [1]
    Heath forest as a source of medicinal plants for the Maanyan Dayak tribe in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia: deforestation and its relationship to medicinal plant biodiversity [1]
    The impact of macroeconomic variables on the performance of the Iraqi stock market [1]
    The impact of specialized loans of agricultural banks for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on the financial returns of the banks in Iraq [1]
    Implementation of national health insurance policy through the social security implementing agency health during the pandemic the Covid-19 [1]
    The moderating effect of social-media among managerial capabilities and strategic innovations on Product Life Cycle Management and Distribution Performance [1]
    Research on the value-added path and management mechanism of the whole agricultural industry chain based on the value network [1]
    Technical efficiency of smallholder banana production: a case study in Viet Nam [1]
    Towards integrated management accounting system for measuring environmental performance [1]
    The water quality assessment and biodiversity of phytoplankton in Phayao Lake, Phayao Province, Thailand [1]