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Recent Submissions

  • Development of a Telemetry Unit for Wireless Monitoring of Bone Strain 

    Moiz, Fahad; Huang, Qian; Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis) (2010-03)
    A telemetry unit designed to monitor strain in bones is presented. This unit allows studying the relationship between bone load and bone mass in scenarios that were not possible with current setup. The current measuring ...
  • An Intelligent Online System for Enhanced Recruitment of Patients for Clinical Research 

    Lee, Yugyung, 1960-; Dinakarpandian, Deendayal; Wubbenhorst, John; Owens, Dennis; Dinakarpandian, Deendayal; Mathur, Sachin; Katakam, Nikhilesh, 1987-; Krishnamoorthy, Saranya (2010-03)
    The recruitment and retention of subjects for clinical research has been identified as one of the bottlenecks in the development of new drugs and treatments by the healthcare industry. The Kansas City Area Life Sciences ...
  • Effect of Radius on Load Distribution within Mouse Forearm Structure: Experimental and Numerical Analyses 

    Lu, Yunkai; Thiagarajan, Ganesh, 1963-; Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis) (2010-03)
    It has been hypothesized that osteocytes are stimulated by local strain distribution within the bone subjected to mechanical loadings. This collaborative research project between bone biologists and mechanical engineers ...
  • Motion Tracking for Smart Home Care 

    Moiz, Fahad; Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Lee, Yugyung, 1960- (2010-03)
    Human body motion capture has a wide range of applications and is being extensively investigated. Areas of application include virtual and augmented reality, biomechanics, sign language translation, gait analysis and ...
  • Hyperthermia Induces Functional and Molecular Modifications in Cardiac, Smooth and Skeletal Muscle Cells 

    Romero, Sandra; Hall, Todd; Touchberry, Chad; Elmore, Chris; Silswal, Neerupma; Parelkar, Nickil; Baker, Kendra; Loghry, Michael; Rizk, Hatem Ibrahim; Mo, Chenglin; Brotto, Leticia; Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Wacker, Michael J.; Andresen, Jon; Brotto, Marco (2010-03)
    Hyperthermia is used for the treatment of a number of diseases, including muscle injuries, inflammations, tendinitis, and osteoarticular disorder. More recently, hyperthermia has been used as an adjuvant in cancer treatment. ...
  • Smart Cardiovascular Stent against In-Stent Restenosis 

    Assel, Thomas; Cuddalore, Chetan; Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Lee, Chi H. (Chi-Hyun) (2010-03)
    A smart cardiovascular stent to be used as a single set of theranostics (therapeutics and diagnostics) is developed. The stent is aimed at delivering nitric oxide as a therapeutic agent and monitoring stent-induced restenosis. ...
  • Flexible Carbon Nanotube-Based Strain Gage Sensors 

    Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Johnson, Mark L. (Mark Louis) (2010-03)
    Aging brings about dramatic changes in the skeleton and other organ systems. Major skeletal diseases associated with aging include osteoporosis and attendant fractures (hip, spine and wrist or Collies) and osteoarthritis ...
  • An Electro-magnetic cell stimulator [abstract] 

    Rizk, Hatem Ibrahim; Mo, Cheng L.; Leon-Salas, Walter D. (Walter Daniel); Hall, Todd; Wacker, Michael J.; Brotto, Marco (2010-03)
    A device to stimulate bone and muscle cell growth and possibly for treatment of bone and muscle injuries is presented. The device, called EStim, generates electric and magnetic pulses at programmable intervals. This device ...