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    Chromosomal evolution in Brassicacae: Allopolyploidy, aneuploidy and transgene transmission [abstract]
    Cloning, expression, purification, and characterization of Dengue virus proteins [abstract]
    Computational and experimental assessment of public dose from normal research reactor operations [abstract]
    Cultural messages create Hobson's choice for black women [abstract]
    Data analysis for an eldercare sensor network [abstract]
    Design of an Automatic System for the University of Missouri Research Reactor's (MURR) Small Diameter Pneumatic-Tube (P-Tube) System [abstract]
    Design of an electrical system for swaging targets in the production of molybdenum-99 [abstract]
    Determination of conditions for optimum labeling of DOTA-Y3-Octreotate with terbium-161 [abstract]
    Development of a cell culture model for studying neuronal migration [abstract]
    Development of a PCR assay to genotype aromatase knockout mice [abstract]
    Development of a protocol for the maintenance and mineralization of osteoblasts from oim mice [abstract]
    Effect of Aluminum (Al) in crystallization of a-SiC for betavoltaic fabrication [abstract]
    Effect of hydrogen in the crystallization of amorphous silicon carbide for betavoltaic fabrication [abstract]
    Effect of lactation on blood progesterone concentrations in dairy cattle [abstract]
    The effect of nutrition on insect behavior [abstract]
    Effect of progestin treatment on formation of persistent follicles in beef cows [abstract]
    The effects of anxiety and depression on the academic achievement of African American youth [abstract]
    Effects of B cells as antigen presenting cells on T cell memory development [abstract]
    Efficient IP multicasting [abstract]
    Efficient IP multicasting [Ryan abstract]