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    Development of a PCR assay to genotype aromatase knockout mice [abstract] [1]
    Development of a protocol for the maintenance and mineralization of osteoblasts from oim mice [abstract] [1]
    Effect of Aluminum (Al) in crystallization of a-SiC for betavoltaic fabrication [abstract] [1]
    Effect of hydrogen in the crystallization of amorphous silicon carbide for betavoltaic fabrication [abstract] [1]
    Effect of lactation on blood progesterone concentrations in dairy cattle [abstract] [1]
    The effect of nutrition on insect behavior [abstract] [1]
    Effect of progestin treatment on formation of persistent follicles in beef cows [abstract] [1]
    The effects of anxiety and depression on the academic achievement of African American youth [abstract] [1]
    Effects of B cells as antigen presenting cells on T cell memory development [abstract] [1]
    Efficient IP multicasting [abstract] [1]
    Efficient IP multicasting [Ryan abstract] [1]
    Efficient organization of genetic data for easier statistical analysis [abstract] [1]
    Evaluating the relationship between leaf nitrogen concentration and chlorophyll content in five oak species [abstract] [1]
    Evaluation of a ferroelectric cathode for use in electric propulsion [abstract] [1]
    Evolution of maize defense gene expression altered by Wolbachia [abstract] [1]
    Examination of Gbx2 function in zebrafish development [abstract] [1]
    Exploring protocols for synthesis of bombesin peptides derivatives to be used as GRP cancer receptor biomarkers [abstract] [1]
    Expression and proteolytic cleavage of Lav, a putative virulence autotransporter of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae [abstract] [1]
    Expression of regions of Apm1p in E coli. and purification of the expressed proteins [abstract] [1]
    Fabrication of equipment to conduct LCORR research [abstract] [1]