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    Efficient IP multicasting [Ryan abstract]
    Efficient organization of genetic data for easier statistical analysis [abstract]
    Evaluating the relationship between leaf nitrogen concentration and chlorophyll content in five oak species [abstract]
    Evaluation of a ferroelectric cathode for use in electric propulsion [abstract]
    Evolution of maize defense gene expression altered by Wolbachia [abstract]
    Examination of Gbx2 function in zebrafish development [abstract]
    Exploring protocols for synthesis of bombesin peptides derivatives to be used as GRP cancer receptor biomarkers [abstract]
    Expression and proteolytic cleavage of Lav, a putative virulence autotransporter of nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae [abstract]
    Expression of regions of Apm1p in E coli. and purification of the expressed proteins [abstract]
    Fabrication of equipment to conduct LCORR research [abstract]
    Family and peer modeling of alcohol use in African American college students [abstract]
    Finding alternative methods of treating post-traumatic stress disorder [abstract]
    Ga-Ga over 68Ga: Novel chelates for PET heart imaging [abstract]
    Generating GBX1 anitbodies: A useful tool in determining developmental mechanisms regulated by GBX1 [abstract]
    Generating GBX2 antibodies: A useful tool in determining developmental mechanisms regulated by GBX2 [abstract]
    Glioma cells influence the migration of neuralized mouse embryonic stem cells in vivo [abstract]
    Graphical User Interface Deign for Automated Control Systems [abstract]
    Hockey pucks: The energy of the future [abstract]
    How volume of water effects in morphological growth and number of endomycorrhizas on P. delicatum [abstract]
    Identification and deconvolution of overlapped peaks derived from raw 2D PAGE images [abstract]