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    Hockey pucks: The energy of the future [abstract]
    How volume of water effects in morphological growth and number of endomycorrhizas on P. delicatum [abstract]
    Identification and deconvolution of overlapped peaks derived from raw 2D PAGE images [abstract]
    Immigrant women and domestic abuse: Barriers to seeking services [abstract]
    An in vitro binding assay to identify amino acid residues in Ste13p necessary for Ste13p/Amp1p interaction [abstract]
    In vitro neural stem cell niche grown in 3D scaffold [abstract]
    In vivo and in vitro analysis of In-111 and Cu-64 labeled PNA-peptides in mice [abstract]
    The influence of increased contact rate among raccoons on a directly transmitted nematode, Baylisascaris procyonis [abstract]
    Instrumental neutron activation analysis of postclassic and historic-period pottery from Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico [abstract]
    Integration of programmable robotic arm with engineered nanopore [abstract]
    Interactions of gender, age, and reporter on different domains of behavioral autonomy [abstract]
    International media and economic policy: A comparative media analysis of 2002 U.S. steel tariffs [abstract]
    The Israeli woman solider: The under-utilized potential of women in the Israeli defense forces [abstract]
    The localization of BclB to the exosporium [abstract]
    Lust for rusty dust: An investigation of MgFeOs around AGB stars with a 13m feature [abstract]
    The magic bullet: Creating Indium-111 bombesin targeting vectors for use in diagnostic imaging of prostate and breast cancer [abstract]
    Maize brace root formation and correlation with juvenile nodes and tassel structure [abstract]
    MAP kinases in ovule development: Functional analysis of MPK3 & 6 promoters [abstract]
    Melanoma gene knockdown by introduction of engineered RNA [abstract]
    Microwaves in the heavens [abstract]