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    A 100-Year Historical Study of East High School in Kansas City, Missouri [1]
    A Narrative Case Study Exploring The Preparation Experiences of Novice Teachers In Urban Elementary Schools [1]
    A Narratological Inquiry into U.S. African Refugee Youths’ Educational Experiences [1]
    A Novel Deep Learning-Based Framework for Context Aware Semantic Segmentation in Medical Imaging [1]
    A Qualitative Study of Psychologists in Perinatal Healthcare: Perspectives on Interprofessional Collaboration and Biopsychosocial Patient Care [1]
    A Quantitative Examination Of Community College Students' Self-Efficacy Inside Mathematics Pathways [1]
    A Synthesis and Optimization of Patented Direct Air Capture Technology [1]
    A universal approach to stabilize water-oil interface via surfactant self-assembly [1]
    Acceptability and Feasibility of Using Virtual Reality to Address Mental Health Stigma with African American Young Adults [1]
    ADInsight: A Multimodal and Explainable Framework for Alzheimer's Disease Progression and Conversion Prediction [1]
    Advanced Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing Systems with Cyclic Prefix-Less Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output Discrete Fourier Transform Spreading and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-Assisted Cyclic Postfixed Windowed Schemes [1]
    Amazonian Vision: Representations of Women Artists in Victorian Fiction [1]
    An Educational History of Immigrant and Refugee Children in Kansas City [1]
    Beyond the Abyss: American Gaslight and Popular Literature [1]
    Characterization of 5-methylcytosine dioxygenase Tet2 and rescue of mutant Tet2 activity by using turbo co-substrate [1]
    Coping Methods of College Women of Color Facing Discrimination [1]
    Deep learning-based optimization of light field processing [1]
    Echoes from the Mountains: Capturing and Recalling Memories of the Climb, Ascension and Extension of the J. S. Chick African Centered Education Shule (School) Model, Methodology and Instructional Practice, 1998–2012 [1]
    Effective Surface Areas and Adsorption Capacity of Graphene with Vacancies [1]
    Evaluation of the relationship between lacunar wall strain and osteocyte β-catenin signaling pathway activation using finite element methods and confocal fluorescence imaging. [1]