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    Multimedia Big Data Analytics and Fusion for Data Science [1]
    Non-Religious Discrimination: Perceived Support, Social Connectedness, and Microaggressions against Non-Religious African Americans [1]
    Pan-American Musical Exchange: The Relationship between Camargo Guarnieri And Carleton Sprague Smith [1]
    Post-intentional phenomenology inquiry to explore white educators’ stories of developing a critical consciousness of race [1]
    Predictive Thermal Modeling and 3E Analysis of Solar Water Heating Systems: Employing A Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann Based Method and Experimental Investigation [1]
    Prescription Medication Use in Bereavement: An Ecological Momentary Assessment Feasibility Study [1]
    Security Management of Smart Home Internet-Of-Things: A Framework, Finite-State Attack Modeling, And Worst Attack Vulnerability Analysis [1]
    Segregation, Transformation, and Urban Education: A History of Attaining Racial Equity in the Hickman Mills C-1 School District [1]
    Shattered Music [1]
    Social Anxiety Among Black Women [1]
    Spirituality in American Muslim Marriages: An Investigation of Marital Sanctification, Spiritual Intimacy and Emotional Intimacy [1]
    The Brazilian Flute Topic [1]
    The Effects of Teachers' Mathematical Practices on Student Achievement in the Diverse Classroom [1]
    The History of Elementary Literacy Instruction in the Kansas City Kansas Public School District from 1990 until 2022 [1]
    The Impact of High School Internships on College and Career Readiness [1]
    The Impact of Student’s Home Language on Performance and Participation in International Baccalaureate Coursework [1]
    The RESILIENT Study: A Retrospective, Descriptive, Correlational Investigation of Rate and Correlates of Oral Endocrine Therapy Adherence in Older Women with Breast Cancer [1]
    Three Essays In Mobilization Theory [1]
    Three essays on Platform Capitalism and its alternative [1]
    Turkic Educators and Students Breaking Their Silence: An Oral History of a Tangled Web of Political Power [1]