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    A Descriptive Analysis of Fatal and Non-Fatal Shootings in Kansas City, Missouri, from 2015-2020 [1]
    A Multimodal Text-To-MIDI Transformer Model with Special Consideration To Artist Usage [1]
    A Study of Detecting Bond Wire Lift-offs and Surface Defect of High Power IGBT Modules Using Acoustics Waves [1]
    ACS Data Conversion From Census Geographies To Neighborhood & Community Boundaries [1]
    “Beaten on Both Sides”: A Reevaluation of the Anti-Calvinism of Andrewes, Neile, and Laud [1]
    Chemical Surface Modification of Polycarbonate to Increase Hydrophilicity [1]
    Clinical Acceptability of Digital Indirect Bonding Compared to Direct Bonding by Varying Orthodontic Experience: Pilot Study [1]
    Community Perspectives of Police Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina [1]
    Comparative Study of LRFR and LFR Methods of Rating for Missouri Prestressed Bridges [1]
    Comparative Study of LRFR and LFR Methods of Rating for Missouri Steel Bridges [1]
    Comparing a Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Assessment of Unilateral Alveolar Cleft Repairs: A Pilot Project [1]
    Cross-cultural musical encounters: Muslim Mediterranean in the Enlightenment imagination [1]
    Design, Preparation, And Applications Of Novel N-Vinyliminium Salts in Organic Synthesis. Design and Synthesis of Tau Aggregate-specific Fluorescent Probes for Postmortem Imaging of Brains with Tauopathies [1]
    Direct Extrusion Printability of Internal Phase Nanostructured Hydrogels [1]
    Dispatches [1]
    Dynamic Activity Predictions using Graph-based Neural Networks for Time Series Forecasting [1]
    Efficient Automated Generation of Local Descriptors for Use in ab initio Electronic Structure Simulations [1]
    Evaluation of the Impact of Anti-Icing Solution on Concrete Durability [1]
    Exploration of Low SWaP(Size,Weight and Power) Diffuse Optical Tomography and Imaging Technique for Biometrics [1]
    Fringes [1]