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  • Work in breast cancer survivors : a literature review 

    Sun, Yuanlu; Armer, Jane (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women globally (American Cancer Society, 2011). It is estimated approximately 70,000 people are diagnosed with cancer between ages 15 to 39, estimated more than 250,000 ...
  • Women's concerns of mammography for breast cancer screening : to promote greater patients engagement and control over breast screening process 

    Sun, April Yuanlu; Kabel, Allison; Armer, Jane (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Goal: Encouraging greater compliance with breast cancer prevention screening, reducing health disparities surrounding breast cancer detection through the development of a low-cost adjunct to current screening processes, ...
  • We're kind of a big deal on internal medicine 

    Jones, Heather (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "A work group was formed and met several times, in conjunction with our unit's Spirit Committee. Staff developed a driver diagram based on three main areas of focus; Staffing & Scheduling, Work- Life Balance & Stress and ...
  • Water bath maintenance schedule 

    Young, Robert (Scott) (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "This project was aimed at streamlining a process to remind staff to change the water in our thermoplastic mask water bath and to develop a way to document these occurrences so that the water stays clean."--Aim statement.
  • WCH OR case set-up 

    Patrick, Jeri; Stephens, Melissa (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Ensure staff can properly set up rooms for cases they are not familiar with."--Aim statement.
  • WCH inpatient pharmacy medication preparation error reduction 

    Fish, Kristin (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To determine the number and types of medication preparation errors caught by pharmacists in a calendar month in order to identify opportunities for quality improvement in the department."--Aim statement.
  • Vizient collaborative : preventing adverse events in the OR 

    Neckermann, Kate (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "To decrease surgical specimens errors at operating rooms located at UH, WCH, MOI, and MCOS from 0.79 percent to 0.63 percent by 6/30/2018."--Aim statement.
  • Vein preservation in the neonatal intensive care unit 

    Franke, Cindy; Fischer, Carol (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "Inconsistency in the Use of Veins in Infants for IV Fluids and Lab Draws: No process in place for prioritizing access of veins for IV's or lab draws. Inconsistent pain management techniques during IV insertion and lab ...
  • Utilizing K-cards to reduce clabsi events at MU Children's Hospital 

    Pardalos, John; Innes, Kim; McMahan, Bo (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "To reduce CLABSI events by 20 percent across NICU, Peds, and PICU at WCH from 1.03 to 0.824 per 1000 central line days by 6/30/2019."--Aim statement.
  • Using patients' life events to put blood pressure data in perspective 

    Jain, Akshay; Popescu , Mihail; Belden , Jeffery L.; Canfield , Shannon M.; Koopman , Richelle J.; Wegier , Pete; Patil , Sonal J.; Shaffer, Victoria A.; Steege , Linsey M.; Valentine, KD; Hathaway, Andrew; L. LeFevre, Michael (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "The advent of home Blood Pressure (BP) monitors is expected to generate huge amounts of data likely to overwhelm healthcare providers. This data is believed to contain important medical information which can help physicians ...
  • Ultrasound training to decrease central line utilization rates, clabsi rates, and number of piv sticks in the MICU 

    Forgy, Nancy; Creamer, Tom (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "To reduce the incidence of Central-Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSIs) and central line utilization rates, by improving Registered Nurse (RN) proficiency of Ultrasound (US) guided peripheral intravenouscath ...
  • UH radiology ultrasound no show rate 

    Klenklen, Michelle (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To decrease the percentage of no show exams for UH Radiology Ultrasound from 13 percent to 8 percent by April 2016."--Aim statement.
  • UH emergency department employee engagement 

    Mawson, Ashley; Hunt, Emily; Briggs, Lesli; Sampson, Amber; McCarty, Stephanie (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "By April 2017, UH Emergency Department staff will increase the Gallup Employee Engagement score by 5 percent (goal >=4.0) after implementing daily huddles and a stoplight feedback system to inform staff of progress regarding ...
  • UH emergency department triage workflow 

    Sampson, Amber; Briggs, Lesli; McCarty, Stephanie; Mawson, Ashley; Hunt, Emily (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "By Feb 28, 2017, UH ED aims to decrease ED treat and discharge length of stay (LOS) by 11 percent (goal = mean LOS for Tx and DC <157 minutes), decrease door to ECG time by 50 percent (goal = median door to ECG <16.5 ...
  • UH emergency department ambulance throughput 

    Harmon, Lisa (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "To decrease the number of transports requiring an escort by 30 percent and to decrease the number of transports waiting for an available escort when required by 33 percent by implementing a badge access key for non-University ...
  • Trauma training and clearance in the emergency department 

    McGhee, Meghan (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "Improve critical thinking skills in the Emergency Department regarding nursing care of trauma patients. Increase trauma test performance from 50 percent to 80 percent by 11/1/2017 through utilization of a trauma training ...
  • Transition of vanilla parenteral nutrition (PN) orders to computerized provider order entry (cpoe) 

    Martin, Erin (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To decrease vanilla PN patient safety net (PSN) error reports through the utilization of electronic ordering and communication tools."--Aim statement.
  • Tiger intensive therapy program : patient satisfaction with the intensive treatment model 

    Chole, Dana; Drennan, Rachel; Love, Carly; Meyer, Mary; Nicolawscu, Jessie; Threlkeld, Katie (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To increase patient and family access to and perception of the Tiger Intensive Therapy Program at the Children's Hospital Therapy Center (CHTC) in order to improve patient satisfaction and advance services provided by the ...
  • The 3 hour bundle-emergency dept sepsis identification 

    Heidt, Jonathan; Sampson, Amber; Schofield, Jessica; McNeely, John; Briggs, Lesli (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "By March 31, 2016 the UH Emergency Department (ED) will have a 50 percent decrease in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) sepsis core measure failures by screening all ED patients for sepsis and by completing ...
  • Test results 

    Milligan, Ashely (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "We will improve the patient satisfaction scores for the question 'Did you receive your test results when and how you were told you would?' by contacting the departments/clinics that order nuclear medicine exams and asking ...