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  • Teaming up to initiate specialty pharmacy services at Mizzou Pharmacy 

    Chisholm, Julia; Butkievich, Laura; Gatzke, Carrie (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "We aim to initiate specialty pharmacy services between Mizzou Pharmacy and MU Health clinics starting in October 2015 in hopes of generating $1.8 million in new net revenue by April 1, 2016"--Aim statement.
  • Team communication across transitions 

    McDonald, Theresa; Hestir, Cindy (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To ensure that Care Coordinators and Social Workers are involved daily in the intentional facilitation of every patient's progress toward a safe discharge plan, especially during times of transition: Absence (Planned or ...
  • Tatoo sanitation 

    Nowack, Adam (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "We aim to decrease infections caused by the tattooing radiation therapy patients."--Aim statement.
  • Trauma, surgery, burn, wound (TSBW) clinic changing patient culture regarding appointment "no-shows" 

    Powell, Kyleene (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "By March 2016 TSBW clinic will decrease the number of patients not showing up to scheduled appointments by 10 percent ( percent Clinic No Show-Performance Portal) through implementing verbal and written education to all ...
  • Trauma, surgery, burn, wound (TSBW) clinic appropriate cost allocation 

    Powell, Kyleene (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "By March 2016 TSBW Clinic will decrease the cost of medical supplies by 5 percent (Non-Salary Expenses/Visit-Performance Portal measure) by providing staff education regarding strategies to decrease the misuse of supplies ...
  • Survival skills raising patient satisfaction through accessibility of education 

    Hale, Shannon (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Our aim is to increase patient satisfaction by decreasing perceived wait time and increasing consistent access to diabetes education. From Nov-15 to Mar-16, Providers and Educators will collaborate to deliver timely and ...
  • Streamline the american heart association (AHA) card distribution process 

    Riess, Jennifer; Tuggle, Cheryl; Reeves, Betsy (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "By November 2015 CED will reduce time spent processing an AHA card order by 50 percent with the implementation of an electronic card distribution process."--Aim.
  • Stop sticking me! : Reducing unnecessary blood draws as part of a patient-centered blood management program 

    Yasar, Senan John; Dettenwanger, Katie (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "By July 1, 2017, we aim to reduce unnecessary lab tests and, thus, the blood volume removed from Internal Medicine patients by 15 percent."--Aim statement.
  • Standardizing system-wide primary national drug code (NDC) for improved inventory management and cost savings 

    Myers, Brad; Chisholm, Julia; Giacomelli, Barbara; Steel, Rebecca (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2017)
    "University of Missouri Health Care, (MUHC), is a national leader delivering high-quality, safe, efficient, patient-centered and equitable care. MUHC includes three hospitals, 9 hospital owned- PHS 340 B eligible retail ...
  • Standardizing nursing roles in clinics-outcomes assessment 

    Deeken, Debra (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "We aim to standardize the nurse role (RNs, LPNs, MOAs, CMAs) in the 57 MUHC clinics. On July 1, 2015, the Clinic Technical Skills Permissions List (CTSPL) was implemented in the Rigorous Requisition Group (RRG) process ...
  • Standardization of malignant biopsy tracking in dermatology 

    Sharp, Sarah; Miller, Lionelle; Helming, Dyann (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To develop a user friendly electronic database that would standardize the process of documenting and tracking malignant biopsies across all dermatology clinics. The database would allow real time metrics to be captured."--Aim.
  • Staff engagement in the medical intensive care 

    Ahrens, Mallory (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "To increase the Medical Intensive Care's Mean Percentile Rank for Engagement from the 58th Percentile rank to the 63rd Percentile Rank, a 10 percent increase in Percentile Ranking."--Project Aim.
  • Smoking cessation counseling at Ellis Fischel Clinics 

    Schutte, Michele (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To increase the percent of patients counseled for smoking cessation at Ellis clinics from 53 percent to 75 percent by March 31, 2016"
  • Shortening the number of days to complete staff health requirements 

    Robertson, Debbie (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To decrease the days for new hires to complete Staff Health requirements by one day."--Aim statement.
  • 2014 University of Missouri Health System innovation and improvement sharing days call for posters! 

    2016 University of Missouri Health Innovation and Improvement Sharing Days (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2014)
    "The University of Missouri Health System (UMHS) is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual UMHS Innovation and Improvement Sharing Days, April 29 - May 1, 2014. The UMHS Sharing Days provide an opportunity for system-wide ...
  • Seamless transition to adult CF care 

    Acton, James (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To be the best at preparing patients and families for and ushering them through a positive and seamless transition and transfer of their care from the Pediatric CF program to the Adult CF program at the University of ...
  • S.T.O.P. super transport operational preparedness 

    Northrup, Mindy (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "To decrease the percent of avoidable inpatient trips to radiology"--Aim statement.
  • Routine use of premedication for blood product transfusions 

    Flynn, Rebekah; Voelkel, Greg (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "Standard practice: Acetaminophen 650 mg orally. Diphenhydramine 25-50 mg orally or IV. Given 30 minutes prior to transfusion. Pre-printed order sets include premeds."--Identification of practice issue.
  • Right staffing at MUPC 

    Smith, Marla (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2016)
    "This PDSA team set a goal to reduce the salary and wage expense to at or below budget for MUPC by March 2016."--Aim statement.
  • Reduction of risk-adjusted mortality of trauma patients 

    Johnson, Leean; Wardenburg, Alana; Coughenour, Jeffrey (University of Missouri--Columbia., 2018)
    "We aim to sustain our risk-adjusted mortality of less than 1.0 (stretch goal <0.75) for patients meeting injury inclusion criteria according to the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Trauma Quality Improvement Program ...